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Kanban is a way for teams and organizations to visualize their work, identify and eliminate bottlenecks and achieve dramatic operational improvements in terms of throughput and quality

Lean Kanban Project Management Software

In the manufacturing world, the Kanban flow and stages are visible by the production line and the specific workstations in the manufacturing unit.  Visual indicators of availability of capacity to do work there can be denoted by physical cards or other signs on the workstations or other electronic means.  In the services and software world, where there is no physical ‘manufacturing’ line, the workflow can be depicted on a physical or an electronic board. This is referred to as the Kanban Board.

David J Anderson - SwiftKanban

David J Anderson

David J Anderson, regarded as the Father of the Kanban Method for software, is an advisor to Digité/ SwiftKanban. David provides Digité guidance on strategy for Lean/ Kanban products and solutions.

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  • SwiftKanban has been extremely useful within our fast-moving and distributed team as a light-weight means of easily coordinating different pieces of work and providing visibility into what’s being done across several different disciplines.

    Alan Potosnak
    Co-founder & CEO, FeastIt Inc.

  • It was easy to setup, customize and create boards and users and therefore easy to start from where we were with SwiftKanban. It has everything we need in terms of supporting the kanban method. Digité support staff were extremely helpful and always provided quick response to our questions and their pricing works for us, especially that we can start small and scale up based on user licences. SwiftKanban is the only tool which is at the same time not overloaded and can be hosted in our data centers.

    Florian Boldt
    Wincor Nixdorf Portavis GmbH

  • With development teams in different locations, it’s crucial that important information is always reaching everyone who needs it. SwiftKanban helped us to foster more effective communication processes. It provides us the transparency we need in order to fulfill our business goals, to meet delivery schedules and to offer cutting-edge software products for the intellectual property market.

    Stefan Feichtner
    Project Manager, Dennemeyer

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